What is the ERT?

The Enterprise Roundtable (ERT) is a platform of the best resources, tools, advisories, training, and information in the simplest possible form to support businesses as they build, improve, or evolve their enterprise.

Who is ERT?

ERT is a business resource built and owned by the Enterprise Roundtable Limited, a private limited liability company registered in Nigeria.

Why the ERT?

Millions of businesses are born every week in Nigeria and millions of businesses do not make it past the first five years of operations. In these figures lies a simple truth: learning is essential to being the difference between a successful business operation and a failing one.

At ERT we aim to curate content that is relevant to the starting, growing, or evolving businesses. Our idea is to make information available and quick learning possible through the tools on our platform and provide business support that adapts to the needs of our subscribers. We want to help businesses become self-sustaining and then profitable entities within the shortest possible time. This is why we exist.