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Equipping Start-ups

Training and templates to help start, grow, and
establish your business.

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Enjoy free access to business tools and resources.

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Learn on the Go

Business education at your fingertips and at your
own pace.

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Information Hub

Updates on government policies and programs, business resources, and new industry trends.

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Building resilient enterprises takes a cultural shift. ERT provides free access to all our resources to help Nigerian entrepreneurs build resilient businesses.

Join our growing community and meet other Nigerian Entrepreneurs.

Works in Progress

Become an Entrepreneur

Ready to start your own business? Follow our step-by-step guide to becoming an entrepreneur.

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The ERT Workshop

Our Workshop provides the tools you need to thrive as an entrepreneur in Nigeria. With careful consideration of what the government’s economic priorities are in the coming years, each resource is tailored to help you efficiently navigate our markets and industries.

Advisories & Guides

Directions on everything from registering your business to understanding your taxes.

Templates & Toolkits

Ready-To-Use documents that take the stress and worry out of tasks like bookkeeping or writing a business plan.