During Nigeria’s 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown, The Enterprise Roundtable (ERT) began interviewing entrepreneurs within the country. Each episode of this ‘Lockdown Series’ of our “Works in Progress” podcast examines what it means to start a business in Nigeria and what impact the pandemic has had on Nigerian entrepreneurship.

In this Episode, we meet Janzen Weyi, an Agropreneur and civil servant based in Plateau State.

He explains how he strikes the balance between his role as a civil servant and his passion for Agriculture.

Entrepreneur: Janzen Weyi

Facebook: @JanzenJonathanWeyi  
LinkedIn: Janzen Weyi
Instagram: @janzenweyi

Producers: Maimuna Garba, Maryam Ikechukwu, Grace Ehi Idakwo

Additional production: Logia Communications

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